and why not? 20 facts about me

Considering that I just started with this blog and you readers may not know a thing about me, I though I should join the '20 facts about me' frenzy and confess a thing or two (or twenty). Feel free to comment if you share any of them. Here we go!

1. I like learning new things and taking short courses.
2. I daydream about visiting Europe. And living there too (but that's just so out of reach).
3. I overthink and over-reflect constantly, which is no good.
4. I consider myself an openminded person and though I don't always succed, I try not to judge people's life choices.
5. I'm an only child and so is my mum.
6. I just found out that I've a highly sensitive type of personality, according to this. And that explains a lot, or almost everything. 
7. Ever since I adopted my cat Clementine in 2007 I became a crazy cat lady. I say silly things, cuddle and stroke every kitty I see.
8. I'm kind of a loner and I quite enjoy it. Have no issues with being on my own for long periods of time.
9. You will hardly see me playing any sports or having an outdoorsy life.
10. I am definitely NOT a morning person and I don't like talking as soon as I get up. I need an hour or so before I wake up completely.
11. I'm always trying to make people laugh just by being goofy.
12. I'm a socially useless person. Never know what to say or do when I'm with other people, especially if I just met them.
13. I suffer from extreme anxiety (but it doesn't show and people never can't tell) in the most annoying possible ways. So imagine what point #12 does to me :P
14. I always say that I'm a 'city animal' but I'd love to live in one of those old tiny country villages in the UK or France, or somewhere in the woods in North America.
15. I love autumn and winter, cloudy skies, rainy and cold days with all my heart. In fact I would skip awful summer every year if I could. 
- bear with me, I'm almost done, I promise!-
16. I love reading, but ever since internet came into my life (in 1999) I've been reading a lot less, shame on me, yes. 
17. I was a very good student, top of the class, flag bearer and all, all through primary school to University but always had trouble finding (and keeping) a proper job.
18. I have lived in the same city, house - room!- for the past  33 years. But that's about to change soon, hopefully.
19. I need to change things in my life frecuently. I would say every 6 months.
20. I don't see myself having children, not even in the future. Or a husband, for that matter :P

Done. I bet I bored you to death with the list so, in return, here's a music recommendation for you. Last week I got Beck's new album, 'Morning phase", which is surprisingly good, not because he makes bad music but because I had never payed attention to him or thought I'd like his work. Listen to blue moon, one of my favorites from that album.

PS. Hi! Yes, that's me - a selfportrait- but I have shorter hair now.

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  1. muy buen resumen de una chica que, además de todo eso, cuando pasa la frontera de la ansiedad, es una de las amigas online más adorables :) (¡y el pelo corto te queda divino!)

  2. it is always so nice to read lists about people :) loved it!

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