Two films you should watch

Last week I decided to go to the cinema and finally watch that film that was going to be replaced the next day. And as I was already there, I said to myself: why not make it a double and watch TWO films? And so I did. Watched the first one, left the theatre at 19.45, bought the ticket for the next one, and 15 minutes later, there I was, sitting on the same spot at the same theatre at the same cinema. I believe I had never done that before. I tought it was going to be too much for just one day, and fortunately I was wrong. I enjoyed very much both films and they kind of complemented well with each other. Ok, enough with the 'oh look how wild I am' and on with the films themselves.

As it turned out, both films were based on actual events and both originals soundtracks were composed by Alexander Desplats. Did I mention that also both of them were about to be replaced on the cinemas come next day and I just had to watch them? I'm so glad I did.

The monuments men is a very heartfelt story about a group of men from the US and Europe, all related to art, summoned by a member of the US Army, to search, rescue and save important cultural items in Europe from being destroyed or stolen by the nazis, in late 1940s. Famous paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art taken away from their original owners and museums were their targets. And this actually happened. Of course, it has that 'we Americans save the world once again' Hollywood vibe but it is a nice film after all. And Bill Murray is brilliant, as usual.

Philomena is also a heartwarming and endearing real story, magnificently played by Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, about an Irish woman who, in her teens (1950s), gets pregnant by a random guy, is left in a convent by her father as punishment and is forced to give up his child to be adopted. On the day her son would turn 50, she decides to tell her family all about him and starts looking for him, with the kind help of a journalist who becomes really passionate about this painful story and plans to write about it. This woman, Philomena, went through the most heartbreaking sacrifices during those days at the convent, and later on when she starts her quest to find him. And always with her head up high, a smile on her face, never gave up. Truly touching. On top of that, you get to see beautiful landscapes of Ireland.

I left the cinema with a big smile, eager to find out more about the characters and original books.

Have you seen them? What did you think?

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