you know what? i am back!

I was gonna start this blogpost by apologyzing for my long absence and then I started wondering: is there anyone reading at all? Has this blog any new readers? I know I haven't done much to promote it, I just let it be discovered by itself, by chance. 

I know just a few of you, who comment now and then or have added yourselves to the friends gadget but what about the rest? I would love to know who's on the other side, where are you from, what do you like to do, your names, ages, preferences, dislikes, etc. Anything you would like to share with me! :))

have a good week (I'm still dealing with dental issues, have not fully recovered. dang!)

ph. the picture above was taken at my local library, at the beginning of autumn. that little backyard looks very dreamy. it needs some TLC, though...

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  1. RoVille says:

    so lovely backyard!
    me encanta la atmosfera de este blog...con o sin comentaristas! ;D

    beso guapa!

  2. ALITA: says:

    bueno me alegra haber encontrado de casualidad esto!!,
    Hola Soy Alejandra, me gustan las fotos entre otras muchas y variadas cosas, compartimos algo que es el amor por los libros, tengo 34 recien cumplidos, me gustan los tés saborizados o blends, adversion a la gente demasiado confianzuda... ah y quiero aprender a dibujar bien. beso grande!!! :D

  3. Lovely image. Fall is the best! Good luck with the dental stuff.. ;)

  4. :) please post more in english :)

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