A quick getaway? I'm in.

Early in July, I treated myself with some days in Buenos Aires, which is always a joy. There's so much to see, visit, buy and taste that I get a bad case of anxiety. This time I wanted to enjoy more, forget about the things i would not be able to do, walk a lot, take pics, look around, write on my travel journal, drink lots of coffees. Thankfully, I managed to do all that and more. You see, I live a bit far away from Buenos Aires. It's 9 hours by bus (and I never sleep on buses) so when I plan a trip to the capital city i have to take advantage of time and money. Now, it's time for me to shut up. Feast your eyes, for Buenos Aires -though expensive- is beautiful!

Isn't it just amazing?
Hope one day you can visit too if you haven't yet.

Oh, and why not throw in a today's song too?

Last, but not least. This is happening soon.

I'm too excited!

Over and out.

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  1. oh i wish someday i can go there :)

  2. It really looks beautiful, makes me want to visit it.

  3. vix says:

    yes! you would love Buenos Aires, it has a european vibe too ;)

  4. vix says:

    That's nice! it means my pics are convincing ;) Hope you can visit sometime!
    and welcome to my blog, Ines!

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