and when you thought this was dead as a run over rabbit...

I know, I said I had come back, and then I stopped posting altogether again. Blogging is just a hobby for so many of us. I've no idea if there's someone really there, reading, except the two of three people I know for certain (because one even asked me to come back, thank you!, kiss kiss!). Anyway, do I have anything worthy to tell? Uhm. Oh, I could tell you about my latest obessions. I'm always obsessed with something. An album, a film, an actor, a topic, Instagram, you name it. Anything can obsess me out of the blue. It catches me off guard and suddenly I'm full on googgling, spending insanely amounts of time listening, watching, reading about the obsessing item of the hour. For instance:

- i spent an entire day listening to this song on repeat. If I had to leave home for whatever reason, I would listen to it on my mobile. Yes, on repeat. And its video is also very interesting.

- since July 15th, the very day I discovered this film on cable TV (on a random zapping frenzy post nerve wrecking and disappointing world cup final) to today i guess I must have watched it like 3 dozens of times. Crazy, I know. I even watched it twice one day (or more). I can't help it, i love it with all my heart. His performance is brilliant (he was only 17!), and why not say it? he's so handsome. I also discovered I had a instant liking for that musical era and style, which wasn't new to me but I learnt more about it. I dig it. Hand me some eyeshadow, will ya?

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I turned 30 flipping 4. How can this be possible? So, that came along with a proper obsession (which had began a few days before). Sort of a mid life fashion crisis, and I went to get myself a nice out-of-the-ordinary hat to show and prove that I may be older but i will not tolerate anyone calling me "mrs". I hate when people refer to me as "mrs". Step aside and think of what you've done, mister! Awful.
The next day, already a mid 30's young lady, my obsession said present! and made me - I swear, it has a life of its own!- go buy a trench. It had to be mine. It fits so perfectly (my budget begs to difer) that it would have been a shame not to get it. It had been waiting for me in the shop window for days. I love when things wait for me. Because people don't.

ok, 34, let's hear it. what do you have aligned for me? it'd better be mind blowing, you bastard!

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  1. happy belated birthday my dear <3
    oh my god i love love doublas booth major crush...have you seen the Riot Club?
    obssession is my second name too :)
    thank you for coming back!

  2. toi ♥ says:

    welcome back, mi querida vix! :)

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