Viewers, makers, procrastinators.

Don't you just hate when you realize you are procrastinating like a champion? I don't like procrastinating. However, I seem to keep doing it. And it puts me on edge because I'm in a moment of my life when I have lots of free time (actually, all of it) which allows me to do EVERYTHING I want (well, sort of. The free ones). Yet again, I don't do it. I spend hours (if I was to put them all together, they would be days in a row) sitting in front of my laptop (or iPod touch) watching what others do and make instead of actually doing something myself. For instance, I love Pinterest and flickr. Oh! and Instagram -the Holy Trinity-, which are all image-based. I get wildly inspired. I get so many good ideas, I can even feel them bubbling inside my head. But do you see me taking pics or attempting any craft projects? Nope. Neither do I. Reading is another delicate matter. I run a Facebook page for others to show their books (in case you don't know it yet, here it is, likes are welcomed!, also pics) but I don't seem to be able to actually read one book from front to back. I download and buy books constantly, as I find topics of interest (biographies, historical, novels, that's my stuff) on my daily internet surfing/readings, but I read one chapter, just a few pages and I need to leave it and jump to the next best thing, which is another book I'm eager to read (and I have tons of them). Repeat endlessly.

I would love to dabble a little in water colours, learn the technique, improve it. And keep on making my scrapbooks, which are an instant source of joy and entertainment. And I'd love to finish, sorry, start some projects that have been sitting on my mind for months. And test some handmade designs for the covers of my notebooks. And I don't do any of those things. Instead, I procrastinate. I am massstering it. I also believe I have some kind of ADD, because I can't spend more than 15 or 20 minutes focused on ONE thing. Or maybe it's just my anxiety saying "Hi!" (most definitely).

Sometimes I wonder how did I manage to read so many books -or even study!- years ago and the answer was at hand: there was no social media around to "waste" time in. Because only having internet access didn't use to feel like a giant hoover had sucked me and my whole attention in. No. Sometimes I even felt like it was of no use (up until I opened my first blog in 2005). Social media is my poison, the soft drugs (when did I get this dramatic? chillax!). They are supossed to serve me as inspiration and connection with people but lately I am more of a viewer than a participant. Not to mention a maker, and that worries me. I dislike it tremendously. I want to do and make stuff, not just watch, sitting on a chair, what others achieve.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I needed to get it out of my system somehow. Question is: are you a viewer or a participant? Allow me to make me a cup of tea and I'm all yours!

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  1. Anna Vee says:

    I totally know what you mean! I've been exactly like that for years... But lately I've been trying to get rid of my bad habits and get things done - my secret is making a daily to do-list! Although you have to be careful with those, too. Too much scheduling will kill all creativity, at least that's how it is with me...

    Nice blog! I'll definitely come back :)

  2. vix says:

    Thank you, Anna! I do make lists but all those things I'd like to do and make are not the "to do" kind of things, they are just hobbies, to enjoy... and as you say, when I make lists they are endless!, and I get very anxious to cross all the items out of the list! Sick mind, haha.

  3. Procrastination is an on and off disease i also suffer from.. i try to be more of a maker than a viewer because i feel fustrated with al the things i wish i would /should do and didn't...
    Internet is a BIG part of any sort of ADD and i think the only answer is discipline.
    I wake up everyday with that in mind!

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