the dish and the spoon

"You won't hurt me... will you?"

I loved this film so much. Must have watched it five times in three days.
Such sweetness, simplicity and a funny pair of characters. His young face shows such true, honest feelings. He's like a puppy that just can't help but being one.

I'm glad I discovered it. It warmed my heart during this weekend and forever.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    The main actress, Greta Gerwig, is really great in some indie films like Greenberg, Frances Ha, and To Rome with Love. I couldn't get through Damsels in Distress though.

  2. vix says:

    you know, I had the same problem! Damsels turned out to be TOTALLY boring. I had to watch it in two times because I fell asleep haha! But I do love Greta. I saw all the films you mention, and Frances Ha was my favourite... until I saw the dish and the spoon!

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