Has it ever happened to you?

That you read a book by a certain author, you enjoy it quite a lot, and after finishing it, you go and buy *another* book by the same author and... it doesn't quite live up to the first one you have read? I bet it's happened before. Well, I got that feeling with John Green's Paper towns. I liked "The fault in our stars" very much (maybe because I saw the film first?), read it in a week (which is quick for me) and then I wanted more of that style of writing, humourous and sensitive at the same time but Paper towns was not the proper follow up. I keep reading and reading and it doesn't get any more interesting. I'm not the kind of person that quits on a book. I put a lot of effort in finishing them, even though I might hate it either way in the end. But, how would I know if it was worth it if I don't read it till the very end? besides, I invested money on it. It SHOULD pay off, souldn't it? haha. 

If you have experienced this situation, do tell me! leave a comment below!

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  1. Pratiksha says:

    i guess it happens with everyone.
    if i don't like the book i just give up reading and look for another one...

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