The bookshop book, by Jen Campbell

I first knew about it on Instagram. Several people were talking about it (especially Mel) and I got very interested, because when a book has the words "bookshop" and "book" on its title I HAVE to find out what it is. It turned out to be an amazing book, written by Jen Campbell, a young English author and bookseller (and poet, vlogger, tea drinker and book lover) who had written a series of books about the weird things customers say in bookshops (which are hilarious true facts she experienced and I recommend them!). So, I asked my mom -I mean Santa- to give me this lovely book as a Xmas present and it arrived 12 days later (living in Argentina is not easy when it comes to buying stuff online).

As soon as I started reading, I felt terribly identified and inspired by this book. It is about out-of-ordinary bookshops of the world, and also it features several nice interviews with authors and booksellers, photographs, bookish facts and other historical information. Jen managed to make a highly entertaining book, one you start reading and want to keep on reading until you get to the end of it but at the same time you don't want it to end because that would mean the end of the bookish party. It took me 13 days to finish it, but only because I delayed it. It's a book that makes you read more books because they get mentioned in it (84, Charing Cross Road, in my case). It's cake, and tea and chocolate and cream but made of paper. It's delightful, funny and very very inspiring. It made me want to open my own bookshop from the very introduction.

oh, yes, Jen! They are, definitely, the best things in life!

(This is what happens when you find LOTS of interesting opinions and ideas in a book but you cannot, for the love of Gutenberg, write a single line -not even with pencil- on a pretty book like this one: post-its galore)

If you love books and bookshops, and people who love those two things more than life itself, you should get this book (I ordered it from The Book Depository). It is such a joy to read! You won't regret it.
You can buy it from here:  buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

(I get a teeny tiny comission when you buy a book following my links, and I'm very thankful for that!)

Jen Cambpell makes the greatest vlogs about reading, writing and, of course, books. You can watch them here on her youtube channel
Also you can follow her on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Roville says:

    ah! no para esto es todo hermoso Victoria Pichel!!!! :D
    amé el nuevo template y las fotos bellas todas aunque no me hagas leer nada en inglés porque necesito traductor!!! jajaja

    beso y seguí por este camino que te queda re lindo!!!! ;)

  2. You got me interested in it, I'll give it a try!

  3. Jen is an amazing author (and person), altho I have never read any of her books, I love them! I want this book so bad ♥

  4. toi ♥ says:

    me gusta que tus uñitas hagan juego con el libro, son un match made in heaven ustedes dos :3

  5. ALITA: says:

    coincido con Ro, cero ingles, por lo demás, me encantaron las fotos!
    Obviamente soy una consumidora de historias, tener una libreria....mmmm....que lindo seria!

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