Noteworthy things journal - January 2015

This year, apart from my usual scrapbooking, I started a project called Noteworthy things journal (inspired here). I have  to write down something good of each day, no matter how simple or silly it was. If it made me smile, happy for a while or have fun, I consider it noteworthy. Besides, for each week, I make a collage (or simply a scrapbook page) on the side. It's been helpful so far, to pay attention to daily nice things that would be ignored otherwise amongst the rutine and obligations. 

These pages belong to January and, as you can see, my life is not exciting at all but I still find a way to enjoy the little things, especially when it's summer and it rains or the air is cooler. I will show you more each month!

Do you keep a journal? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a nice week!

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  1. me encantan tus letraaaas y tu scrapbooking is just wonderful!

  2. What a lovely journal you have! Mine is not so beautiful as yours, but I still love it.

    Beautiful photos ^-^

  3. oh, i used too and then lost the habit :/ have to get back to that!
    your is lovely!

  4. vix says:

    Vero: graciassssss!! quedó medio messy pero tampoco me propuse hacerlo prolijo jajaja
    Amélia: thank you so much! I'd love to see your journal pages :)
    Sara: thank you, dear! it's not easy remembering to write everyday but I do my best. :*)

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