365 Noteworthy things journal: february

My 365 journal of noteworthy things keeps on going. Still alive and kicking. I had got a little behind on the collage pages but last weekend I sat at the table, with my scraps, washi tapes, scissors, stickers and such and finished them all.

a few nice things that happened recently:
- i got a job at my local library and I'm still adjusting to the work itself and the hours. I had not have a job (apart from the freelance ones I did at home) since 2010 so it's been a bumpy road but I'm getting tthere slowly. 

- on march 6th I celebrated my 10th year as a blogger. It was the 6th of march 2005 when I opened my first blog and then I opened a few more. And I never stopped blogging! Now I can't remember how it was to live without the habit of writing and sharing things with fellow bloggers and readers. So, cheers for me and for you all, who keep coming back, reading and commenting. Thank you ever so much!

- Since mid December I've been reading non stop one book after another and that makes me quite happy. I'm not an avid reader but a constant one. A few pages each day. Maybe two books per month. Will tell you/show you more about my latest reads in coming blogposts.

- Two weeks ago I won this lovely print by artist Yelena Bryksenkova on a giveaway. Thank you Sara from brown paper bag!!! Made my day :)

- Last, I've been enjoying this song on BBC radio 2 a lot.

That's it for today.
Hope you are having a good week!

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  1. Sil says:

    To work at a library has always been one of my dreams!!

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