hello, March, you are most welcome!

I'm certain that most people are quite glad that March has begun, because for some it means the end of the cold winter and for us in the South hemisphere it brings autumn with it, which for me is a great reason to celebrate. So, in honour of new stages of life and changes of nature, i invite you to enjoy some inspiration boards I made. And tell me: what do you like most about March (in case you do like it, ha! if not, just tell me why anyway). 

have a great week!

3 Responses so far.

  1. ALITA: says:

    hermosas imagenes, esos ojazos azules matan!!

  2. Pratiksha says:

    i want march to have more rainy days! it's too hot here now.

  3. vix says:

    Pratiksha: same here! it's been hotter in early March than in January. I really hate summer!!
    Alita: gracias!! viste ese gato lo que es? un amor!

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